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Country Canine Dog Groomers and Supplies

Enrichment Ideas for you while in Lockdown

What we have loved doing while in lockdown, and how to help keep your dog entertained while in lockdown to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. 

For more idea's, check out Forest Dog Acedemy's Enrichment Support Facebook group.

Snuffle Mats and Balls

These are such a great idea! Easy to make at home (search youtube!) or to buy from us or a local pet shop. Simply hide treats inside the mat or ball and let your dogs sniff them out and gobble them up. It allows them to use there nose and also providing mental stimulation to try and figure out how to get the treats out. It is worth supervising your dog while using them as they can tear the fabric apart.

Ball Pits

These are great fun for dogs who a) love toys, especially balls, but also b) for dogs who love food! You can use them like giant snuffle mats! Simply throw in a handful of treats or even dried food (as part as your dogs meal - especially if they are on a diet) and let them hunt and sniff them out in amounst all of the balls. You could also fill the pit up slightly with water as well if hot for a great outdoor activity. Again, it is best to supervise your dog incase of an accident.


This is better for dogs who love playing games, simply get some doggy bubbles (pet shops and amazon sell them) and blow them towards the dog, most dogs will try and catch them with there mouths, this provides mental stimulation.

Muffin tray and Balls

You can also use a baking tray and balls as a cheap and easy way of mentally stimulating your pooch. Simply pop the treats inside the muffin tray and put a ball on top. To make it harder, you could just put one treat in one, but lots of balls, so they not only have to use there brain on how to get the treat, but also need to figure out which one the treat is in! 


Kongs are the best toys for particularly foodie dogs and also dogs who destroy toys. You can get them in a variety of sizes and even for puppies (perfect for teething). They are really durable and you can stuff them with food, either add treats or dried food with natural peanut butter (make sure it is pet safe and free from artificial sweetners), or you can blend fruit and vegetables and add with meat, or you can buy special kong stuffing paste. You can also pop them in the freezer as a cooling treat in the summer as well.