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Country Canine Dog Groomers and Supplies

Full Grooms

Looking for a dog groomer in Southampton and the New Forest and surrounding areaas? Look no further.... All the dogs we groom, are groomed to the highest standard and treated like we would treat our own. We always maintain that our equipment is in the highest standard possible and that our salon is the safest it can be. All of the dogs we groom are given a health check to check for any lumps and bumps or war​ts etc. We will also ask you if there are any health issues that we should know about so that we can keep your dog as comfortable as possible. 

Our full groom entails a health check and bonding period, a cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment, an ear clean (pluck if needed), teeth check, blast and hand dry, styling to owners preference or breed standard (although, sometimes this cannot be done if matting is too severe), brush and trim up, nail clip and spritz of doggy perfume.