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Country Canine Dog Groomers and Supplies


Puppy socialization and desensitisation is really important for the first 6-12 weeks of there life. If you do not do it, they are likely to become anxious or nervous about many things in there adult life. 

Its important to desensitise puppies from things like the doorbell, cars, the hoover, washing machine, tumble dryer etc, that can make lots of scary noises. You can do this by using the items around your puppy and clicking and treating them when they settle - always offer them somewhere they deem safe to go to, such as there bed/crate.

It is very important to get your puppy used to other dogs, in moderation, and only with dogs that you can trust to not be aggressive to your puppy. Any negative interactions with other dogs could cause your puppy to become nervous and reactive to other dogs. For more info on this, check out Forest Dog Academy's Free Online Course.

Its also important to get your puppy used to dog grooming as well, this helps them to be less stressed and an all round positive experience as well. Brush them for a short time daily and offer treats as a reward. Also try to handle your puppies paws while doing this and also holding the muzzle gently (for long haired breeds who will need eye scissor trims)