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Country Canine Dog Groomers and Supplies

Theraputic Spa Treatments

We can also offer spa treatments, for the more pampered pooches, these include:

Mud bath treatment:

To strengthen, nourish and encourage healthy cell regeneration. The mud bath detoxifies your dog’s skin, removes dirt, oils and other toxins & dead skin cells. They are replaced with nourishing minerals and soothing relief, boosting your dog’s ability to fight infections, dry skin, and other irritations that can lead to canine dermatitis. It is applied all over the body and massaged into the skin and fur.

Exfoliating butter wash treatment:

Helps to nourish, strengthen and hydrate the coat. The jojoba beads help exfoliate and clean the skin, but also leaves it moisturised. Perfect for soothing dogs skin that is dry, damaged or itchy. It is also applied all over the body and massaged into the skin and fur.

Cleansing Facial:

A hydrating and soothing cucumber and melon facial treatment to cleanse and balance. This can be beneficial for dogs with facial folds or deep wrinkles that need a regular skin cleansing routine, such as Bulldogs, Boxers & Pugs. This is because wrinkles hold an accumulation of food, mucus, dry tears and debris that can lead to skin infections and harbour bad odours. This treatment will also help reduce beard and tear staining. Especially popular for light and white coloured dogs such as Bichons, Westies and even Poodles to help keep faces dazzling white. The treatment is all natural and does not contain any bleach, peroxide or other harmful ingredients. A relaxing head massage is also included.

Whitening treatment:

This treatment is perfect for dogs with dull white coats. It includes a whitening (non-bleach) shampoo and rich conditioning treatment to intensify your pooch’s coat colour. It doesn’t stain the hair, allowing light through the translucent hair surface to amplify the gloss and colour. We advise combining this with our Facial Treatment for a complete whitening experience.


We use a revitilising oil and paw butter which helps sooth paws damaged by gravel, hot pavements, or snow, or those that get itchy feet in the summer months due to pollen and other irritants. The treatment will also include nail trim and file, between pads and paw trim, steam towel paw wrap and a gentle vitamin E butter paw pad massage.

Deep conditioning treatment:

This conditioning treatment is ideal for dogs with a dull, lifeless coat, using the best natural products to reduce the loss of protein, regain the hair’s natural moisture, improve elasticity, preventing breakage and adding texture, volume and shine. Suitable for all coat types, except heavy double coated shedding breeds or dogs with a naturally oily coat.